October 4, 2013

3.6%...Best 5 yr product with A+ Rated Company




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        Best 5 year product you can offer with an A+ Rating Backing it

Best 5 year product you can offer with an A+ Rating Backing it


Great product for Banks and Credit Unions


3.6% 1st year guarantee

5 year Surrender period

10% free withdrawals available every year

Full Value at Death

3.25% commission

A+ Rated Company




                  Get your client the most income Today or in the Future


Get your client the most income today with a

30% bonus on your income rider account value


Get your client the most income in the future

14% Rollup on the Income Rider for 10 years


Recent rate increases makes this our top Income

producing product for your clients


Call us for more information or Quote?



             Annuity Alternative 12% Bonus and Return of Premium Rider

Amazing Single Premium EIUL Product

Single premium Life with a 12% premium bonus

and guaranteed return of premium rider


Illustrates an immediate cash surrender value

higher then premium paid after year 1


Living Benefits Riders

Nursing Home, Terminal Illness, and Chronic Care


Simplified point of sale underwriting


9% Agent Commission + SFG Bonus Opportunity


Call us for more information and a quote


                                               Agent Cash Bonus Incentives        

We have created the most aggressive bonus programs in the industry.


Our Big Money Bonus Incentive Program starts with your first app.  We give our agents a cash bonus equal to 25% of our override on all annuity and single premium life products you write. Higher Bonus levels exceeding 50% can be achieved with production.  Give us a call you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table every month.


If you write in excess of 5 million a year call and ask us about our latest offer the Commission Max Program. 





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Toll Free: 877-257-8246